Expert In A Year

I recently read the Expert In A Year manifesto and became inspired.  I know many of you are in the same boat as I am where you struggle to hold onto the financial reigns of your life.  You try different things to get ahead with no consistency.  I am always looking for the next best thing to help me earn more money (side jobs, selling things, starting businesses), save more (put cash aside, using Digit) or finding discounts (coupons, daily deals).  This thought process is generally in my mind, but I don’t always think about it and act on it.

I am going to try an become an expert in these things.  I want to learn new ways to ESoD (Earn, Save or Discount).  I will be working each day to accomplish at least one “ESoD“.  If I sell something online that day it will be a “ESoD+1” day.  If I find a discount on one product and also put $20 in my “Phil” (piggy bank) then that would be a EDoD+2 day.  I want to get good at finding these new ways to increase my cash flow, fill my “Phil” and get the best deals.

At the end of a year I will implement these ESoD Phil-osophies LIKE A BOSS!  I will do my best to document all of these things along the way to help you all out.

Today is the day I make the change to make change!